Hi, Ladies!

We are so excited to be launching a mentorship program for the ladies of Church at the Crossing. We will be taking applications for both mentors and mentees.

For Potential Mentees:

We are eager to launch this program to help you grow in your love of Jesus, His Word, and His Church. This mentorship program will provide you with someone more seasoned in their Spiritual walk to come alongside and walk with you as you grow. These ladies will be passionate about guiding you and excited to build a relationship with you. They will also be experienced in areas you are currently walking through.

If you have been praying for someone to help you grow in your relationship with Jesus, we want to meet with you! Maybe you have never considered having a mentor, but you are curious about how it can help you and you want more information. Whether you are positive you want to be part of this program or you aren’t sure, I suggest filling out the application and learning more about the opportunity.

Again, this program is designed to match you with a Spiritually mature lady who has walked where you may be walking and will come alongside you as you navigate life and grow spiritually. The process for being a mentee includes filling out the application, attending our kick-off event, working through your flourish book, meeting with your mentor at least once per month, and building a relationship with your mentor by keeping in touch throughout the month with calls, texts, Marco-polos, etc. It is possible you will be interviewed by our leadership team if we feel it will help us better match you with a mentor.

For Potential Mentors:

If you have a heart for pouring into other women, we want to meet with you!  You don’t have to be a great teacher. You don’t have to be an experienced mentor. You don’t have to be in leadership.  All we ask is that you see value in other women and desire to see them grow in their relationship with Jesus. Even if you are unsure, I suggest you fill out the application and allow us to walk with you as you make the decision.

The process for becoming a mentor involves filling out an application, meeting with a leader for an interview, attending a time of in-person training, and attending our kickoff event.  Once trained, you will be matched with one or more ladies who want to be mentored.  It’s only required that you physically meet with individual mentees once per month, but keep in mind, that is a minimum requirement. We would also encourage you to communicate by text, phone call, or Marco Polo in between your in-person meetings. It’s important for you to build a relationship with your mentee and be available to her as you walk through the Flourish workbook.  These ladies will be looking to you for guidance and help. They want to grow in their love of Jesus, His Word, and His Church. We want you to be excited and passionate about helping them as they grow.

Basic Information:

This mentorship program is designed to last one year. After the first year is completed, there will be an option to transition into the year two curriculum. 

If this sounds like something you would like to be part of, or if you simply want to ask some questions, please reach out to me.  If you aren’t sure whether you are more equipped to be a mentee or a mentor this year, we will walk through that decision with you. Applying and interviewing doesn’t automatically put you into a mentorship spot. You will, however, be offered a spot to be mentored if that is seen as a better yes for you. If you are offered a mentee spot after applying and interviewing to be a mentor, the decision will be discussed with you and we will set some action steps and goals to equip you to move forward as a mentor the next time we launch the program. The deadline to apply for the program is December 5.  You can get an application on Sunday at the connect table, I can mail or email you an application, or you can stop by the church and pick one up.

You will find a question and answer section below. If there are any other questions you have that may not have been answered here, I will be happy to help you.

"Thanks Ladies! I am super excited about each of you growing through this opportunity and I can’t wait to walk beside you!"

Aleah Dixon
Community Pastor, Church at the Crossing


How long is this commitment?
1 year

How often will individual meetings take place between mentors and mentees?
A minimum commitment of one in-person meeting per month is required.

Is there a cost?
We believe there is a direct correlation between buy-in and commitment.  For that reason, each person will be asked to purchase their own workbook. The workbooks for this program are $25. They are beautiful, hard-back, spiral bound books.  

Will there be someone to help and support me as a mentor?
YES! We have female staff pastors who will also be available to all mentors. We care about you and want you Spiritually healthy and confident in your ability to lead women closer to Jesus. We are here to help you as you grow! I will personally be in regular contact with all members of the program to provide guidance and direction.

What would a mentee need to do if they are concerned with or confused by the guidance provided by their mentor?
For your protection, I will be in contact with mentees throughout the year to check on how they are growing and how available their mentors have been. Any concerns or questions a mentee has with the advice and guidance provided by their mentor should be brought to me and it will be discussed and addressed on a case by case basis. I will always be available to our mentees as will other members of our leadership team.

Is there an age requirement for mentors or mentees?
We believe an age in number is not what is important. We are more concerned in the Spiritual maturity level of our mentors. We do, however, want our mentors to have experience with different struggles, issues, or circumstances so they can relate to their mentees. Mentors should be at least 25 unless approved by leadership. Mentees need to be 18 or older to apply.

Will I get to choose my mentor/mentees?
Requests are welcome, but not guaranteed to be approved. We have a tool we will use to match mentors with mentees and we ask you to trust us to pair you with the right person. We will be praying over each mentor and mentee as we match them together.

I would like to be a mentor while also being mentored by someone. Is that an option?
You can simultaneously be a mentor and have a mentor. We never stop growing or learning, and seasons continually change in our lives, so the benefit of a mature believer mentoring us is important. We fully support you being in both positions. If you can hold up the requirement of monthly meetings with both your mentee(s) and your mentor, this should work great. We can talk through all scenarios with you because we all need someone walking with us as we navigate this life.

What is the difference between being mentored and being counseled?
When thinking of a mentor, the words seasoned, experienced, and mature come to mind.  A mentor may be someone who is experienced in an area where you need advice or godly counsel. She may be seasoned in a stage of life you are walking through or will be walking through. She will be a more mature believer who can challenge, teach, and call you up. Counseling, on the other hand, is clinical or pastoral in nature and it aims to help you work through problems you are experiencing in a positive and therapeutic manner. Counseling can go back to the root of a problem so it is overcome effectively. It can also confront current struggles, behaviors, and mindsets that are affecting your faith, daily living skills, work, family, friends, community, emotions, or even physical health. We are advocates of counseling led with a Christian worldview and believe it is very effective. Both a mentor and a counselor will support you, but they will be focused on very different areas and outcomes. If you need to be referred to a clinical counselor, we will be happy to guide you to someone we know and trust. If you need pastoral counseling, we have staff pastors and elders who are equipped to lead you to a healthy place where hope is found in Jesus Christ.